ICAN Foundation is going to help reverse the growth of childhood obesity through various programs, activities and challenges created by the ICAN Team. Our goal is to tap into the growing amount of time kids spend using electronics and show them that being active can be fun and rewarding.


Nutrition is very important factor in living a healthy lifestyle. When one begins to follow a healthy diet there will be weight loss, the body will also receive important nutrients needed to function at its highest level and create a strong immune system, as well as help deal with the stress which we face on a daily basis. Following our activities, kids will be encouraged to try new fruits and veggies brought in by the ICAN team as well as learn the importance of consuming a lot of water every day. The youngsters participating in theICAN program(s) will be encouraged to help others along the way and to believe in themselves and say:
I can dream. I can make a difference. I can achieve my goals!

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