Thank you for your interest in raising funds to help ICAN with an event/fundraiser to fight our cause! ICAN is truly grateful for your support! There are hundreds of ways to raise funds on behalf of ICAN. Gather your neighbors and hold a neighborhood yard sale or you could hold a car wash and sell lemonade! It’s easy to make a difference!

Here are some fundraising ideas:
• Flag Football. Gather teams, and play! Just make sure there's a black and gold team.

• Bike and/or Car Wash. Accept donations to wash any mode of transportation.

• Spare Change. Provide containers and collect spare change from friends and family. Roll 'em up!

• Go Green. Hold a recycling drive to collect newspapers, cans, bottles or other items for donation.

• Organize a benefit concert with professional or school musicians.

• We love pets!! Hold a dog wash or do pet walking in your neighborhood.

• Share Your Talents. Hold a benefit fashion show, talent show or a play.

• Healthy Snack Sale. Sell healthy goods at your church, office or school!
• Who knows? Pierre just might make a surprise visit with a teammate or two!

If you, your team, co-workers, or friends would like to jump on board, please contact us and we'll help you get started! Email

We have fundraising guidelines when fundraising on behalf of ICAN Foundation so please contact us for more details. We also must approve all fundraisers before you can use ICAN's logo, name and likeness.


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